ProSet PB2500 Smart Battery Rivet Tool

The PB2500 SMART battery-powered installation tool offers easy to use process monitoring to reduce defects in the assembly process. The cordless tool also improves accessibility and mobility during indoor, outdoor and off-site assembly projects. Installs rivets up to 5.0mm diameter in all materials

The PB2500 Smart builds on the well proven capabilities, quality, and robustness of the standard PB2500 tool, to deliver a class leading cordless blind rivet installation and process monitoring system.

Productivity is optimised as the PB2500 Smart quickly installs over 1,100 x Steel 4.8mm diameter blind rivets in a single charge, using the supplied 2.0Ah battery. On-board process monitoring ensures that incorrectly fastened joints are detected immediately, preventing entire batches being affected.

The tool is simple to use and the quick release mandrel collector is emptied in seconds. The quick release nose housing and jaw guide, quick slide battery installation, LED light to ensure enhanced illumination to the application. The ergonomic soft grip handle and excellent balance ensures operator comfort. The built-in touch screen allows the process monitoring system to be easily set up and used.

Benefits of using the PB2500 Smart tool

-Enhances operator mobility, enabling them to move easily around applications without the constraints and hazards of a compressed air line. Maximizes output and reduces operator fatigue thanks to its balanced ergonomic design.

-On-board process monitoring system includes OK / Not OK notification for each rivet installation, together with a review of the related placing curves. the tool has a 500,000 setting results storage capacity.

-The PB2500 Smart is Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled, in readiness for the mobile app being launched in 2021.

-Prevents unscheduled downtime, combining the benefits of long-lasting DEWALT lithium ion battery with industry leading charging time. Tool-less, quick change, nose housing and jaw guide systems further enhances productivity.